Our Story

We are working to make world emission free. We work closely with commercial and industrial organizations to promote the use of zero emission vehicle. To support our goal, we are also building a convenient, reliable, customer-centric network of electric vehicle chargers nationwide—at workplaces, in communities, and on highways.

What Drives Us

EVLOMO’s goal is to promote greater Zero-Emission Vehicle (ZEV) adoption by offering an ultrafast and convenient charging network.

EVLOMO is also committed to building education and awareness of zero-emission vehicles through global outreach, discover-and-drive events, and other marketing approaches. As an organization, we are also working with local, state, and national organizations, as well as vehicle manufacturers, to create more opportunities to enhance ZEV awareness.

Over the first investment cycle, EVLOMO will invest in ZEV infrastructure and awareness to support increased adoption and use of ZEV technology and to show more Thais that going electric is not only possible but beneficial today.

EVLOMO is a data-driven company and will use all available information to identify the ZEV investments most likely to assure economic sustainability.


EVLOMO intends to develop and deploy a national awareness and education campaign directed at car buyers not yet familiar with EVs. We have already conducted a rigorous study categorizing all vehicle buyers into common "segments" of wants, needs, and avoidance reasons surrounding going electric, as well as their preferred communication channels (e.g., social media, television). Using this study, EVLOMO is developing a marketing and public relations campaign that will feature advertising, social media, learn and drive events, and other brand neutral approaches to building EV awareness and consideration in the Thailand

Green Cities Initiative

The goal of the Green Cities Initiative is designed to increase access and demonstrate the potential of zero-emission vehicles (ZEV) adoption within metropolitan areas and to increase affordable mobility options. This initiative will also include adding DC fast chargers and AC Chargers for Electric Vehicles.
The Green Cities Initiative is made up of several programs, including EV car sharing, EV shuttles and buses, and EV charging infrastructure investments.

DC Fast Charging

For a typical EV, 350kW will provide about 350 km. of range per 10 minutes of charging, compared with 175 km. per 10 minutes from 175 kW chargers and 50 km. of range per 10 minute from 50kW chargers commonly available today. In addition to public infrastructure, Level 2 charging stations located in workplaces and multi-unit dwellings are designed for EV owners to conveniently charge every day.