As more and more people adopt EVs, they will be increasingly taking them on vacation, and thus search for charging stations. Hotels can provide a valuable amenity to the growing number of EV drivers. Providing EV charging as facility for guests to charge their cars would allow EV owners to charge their cars during the rest stops or at most practical time of their trip i.e. while they are asleep.
Installing charging stations will add a sustainability to corporate image and put the hotel on the list of “EV-friendly” options on the map Some of the benefits of installing an EV charging station include:

Provide a valuable amenity to guests

Create additional revenue stream

Attractive to EV drivers and eco-tourists

Build a green, and sustainable brand image

Help in LEED certification

Bring hotel in map as eco-friendly destination with EV charging facility

EVLOMO offerings:

  • End-to-end customer support from system design to EV charging deployment and maintenance
  • EVLOMO Software solutions allows for full controlling, monitoring of EV station across different locations and reporting of usage data.
  • Wide range of EVLOMO Charging hardware
  • Manage EV charging stations centrally via EVLOMO network
  • EVLOMO Software solutions allows for full controlling, monitoring and reporting of EV usage.
  • 24/7 EVLOMO customer support to EV drivers and station hosts
  • Ability to scale the network to meet increasing EV charging demand